Who We are:

The Eastern Washington Amateur Radio Group (EWARG) is a non-profit group that supports community service, emergency service communications in Spokane WA. This includes digital operations on both HF as well as VHF/UHF digital and digital voice.  We operate two digital DMR repeaters and  have two analog repeaters as well.

EWARG Happenings

K7TJ DMR repeater on 444.125+ Tower Mountain and KC7AAD DMR repeater at Lookout Point.

K7TJ Analog repeaters on 145.37- tone 110.9 and 147.16+ tone 136.5 .

EWARG Packetcluster WS7I-1 ws7i.ewarg.org port 7300 is open to all members and all amateurs. Sysop is Jay WS7I, this is the oldest Packetcluster in the Pacific Northwest which was WS7I running the old AK1A software. It is now running CC Cluster (VE7CC).

The Eastern Washington Amateur Radio Group (EWARG) has been an ARRL affiliated club since 1989. We have long supported ARES/RACES in Eastern Washington. This group has  been interested and supported Digital interests. EWARG has many members that do extensive RTTY contesting. What once was a very extensive digital system reaching from Boise, Idaho through Baker City, Oregon, and into Walla Walla, Pasco, Yakima, Ellensburg, and Spokane, Washington now is more limited.

Community & Emergency Services

EWARG is a Non-profit Group that supports Community Service and Emergency Service Communications in our area.