Who We are:

The Eastern Washington Amateur Radio Group (EWARG) is a non-profit group that supports amateurs, the community and the National Guard in Eastern Washington. This includes Digital Radio on VHF/UHF and HF.  We operate two digital DMR repeaters and  also have two analog repeaters.


Rod KC7AAD elected EWARG President in special election, Betsy WV7Y elected VP, WA7UOJ elected Treasurer

EWARG Systems

K7TJ DMR repeater on 444.125+ Tower Mountain and KC7AAD DMR repeater at Lookout Point.

K7TJ Analog repeaters on 145.37- tone 110.9 and 147.16+ tone 136.5 .

EWARG Packetcluster WS7I-1 ws7i.ewarg.org port 7300 is open to all members and all amateurs. Sysop is Jay WS7I, this is the oldest Packetcluster in the Pacific Northwest which was WS7I running the old AK1A software. It is now running CC Cluster (VE7CC).

The Eastern Washington Amateur Radio Group (EWARG) does AMPR networking and Digital Radio Support.

Jay WS7I has donated all of the Tower erecting equipment to EWARG. This includes the Gin Pole, Gin Pole Rope, Cantary cable reel, Cantary sling system made by KB7HDX, couple of reels of tag line rope. Kirk, K7EKM, will be the keeper of the tower equipment at this time as he has the next tower to go up. This equipment was assembled by Hal K7IRA(sk), Marty WB7RBJ(sk), Pat NQ7M and myself when we used to do all the tower raising in the Spokane area.

Community & Emergency Services

EWARG is a Non-profit Group that supports Community Service and Emergency Service Communications in our area. Supports Washington National Guard.