WS7I Remote Pictures

site_winter.jpg (86492 bytes)

WS7I remote in the winter.  TH-6 tower is about 140 feet from the little brown WS7I remote building.  The other building is the hanger where we have conducted Belchfire experiements.

Remote shack construction.

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Bare Site                 Gravel & 4x4's          Electrical                 Remote Shack

Remote tower construction.

remote_site.jpg (97669 bytes)         guy_base_after_pour.jpg (164221 bytes)    tower_base_after_pour.jpg (154073 bytes)

Site selected Field Day 2012                 Guy anchor detail after contrete        Tower Base after concrete pour

tower_base.jpg (135846 bytes)     n2hs_ontower.jpg (39906 bytes)    58foot.jpg (92849 bytes)

Base after finish and 1 section             N2HS at the 40 foot level                 58 Foot fold-over Rohn 25

site_to_tower.jpg (141298 bytes)    wilse_tractor.jpg (137600 bytes)    wa1pma_roping.jpg (128236 bytes)

View of foot 140 feet from Shack        Wilse WX7P (sk) on Tractor            Wayne WA1PMA doing rope work


shack_winter.jpg (110940 bytes)    th6_winter.jpg (79421 bytes)   

Shack in the winter after using snow shoes                     TH-6 Tribander in the winter


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Remote Shack Interior



tower_work.jpg (79421 bytes)   

Recent Tower Work the Easy Way

Lynn N2HS added a device to make it easy to work on the fold-over tower