Amateur Radio Station WS7I

Articles and Columns 1987-2013

These are lists of the articles and columns that I have written in my Ham Radio Career.   This is a downloadable PDF file.

WS7I Publications 1987-2013  PDF of the articles and columns

These articles which follow are some that appear in various places that I want to either highlight or give access to Digital hams that might no longer find them.

Beginning the RTTY Roundup Advice for the RTTY Roundup

Spokane County ARES Presentation 

Strategy behind the RTTY Roundup  Strategy behind the RTTY Roundup

Hold that V Saddle Clamp  NCJ Article

Dayton 2003 10 Ways to Improve RTTY Rate  WS7I RTTY Rate document

Mountain West Radio Summer 2013 RIGblaster RIGblaster Advantage Product Spotlight

The 2013 RTTY Roundup which was the Silver Anniversary of the contest that Hal and I created was the last writeup that I will do for the contest.  12 years is a lot of words.  Thanks to Betsy WV7Y, my various ARRL contest Directors through the years and a special tip of the hat to Ward Silver, N0AX.