Amateur Radio Station W7RY    


Amateur Radio Station W7RY


W7RY Background

Jim W7RY was formerly WB7AVD and used to be a Spokane resident.  He now lives in Yacolt, WA near Vancouver.  Jim was the EWARG technition for many years and was responsible for building, repairing, and extending the EWARG VHF/UHF systems which once stretched from Boise, ID through Baker City, OR, into all of Eastern Washington.

He along with Hal K7IRA, Jay WS7I, and others were very active contestors back a few years.  Jim continues to do a fair amount of contesting from his new location.

He is an Amplifier guru of National importance.

W7RY Contest Results

In 1991 W7RY along with WS7I and WV7Y won the ARRL RTTY Roundup, MSLP trophy and that was a EWA record.  Jim won the ARRL November SSB NW Multi-operator Phone contest with WA7EGA, and WS7I.

W7RY Amplifier

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