Belchfire needed a permanent antenna tower so we started work on that project in June of 2012.  Lynn, Wayne, and Jay got the backhoe attached on the tractor and dug the four holes for the tower.  It is located about where we had the temporary tower setup last year.


guy_hole.jpg (304837 bytes)            n2hs_backhoe.jpg (312943 bytes)           belch_barrell.jpg (290625 bytes)

55gal.jpg (186763 bytes)

anchor_hole.jpg (230178 bytes)    b4_pour.jpg (218819 bytes)  after_pour.jpg (229007 bytes)  guy_plus_base.jpg (228073 bytes)

Next up will be putting the 5-gal buckets in the guy wire holes and then filling them in with the rocky dirt.  This tower will only be about 30 feet tall so nothing too substantial was done on the guying.

Last Update August 17 2012