The BelchFire #1 tower was put together after the concrete cured for a week.

moving_guy_anchor.jpg (189975 bytes)    n2hs_ontower.jpg (146255 bytes)    bf_guying.jpg (178725 bytes)

With the tower in place and the anchors buried the team continued to complete guying and putting the tilt-over mechanism on the tower. Refer back to the tilt-over pages for close in detail.


n2hs_tilt.jpg (186495 bytes)    tiltover_mast.jpg (171090 bytes)    tilt_33.jpg (148630 bytes)

tilt_66.jpg (218890 bytes)   

Mounted on the 25 foot tower is now a 3 inch boom with adapters on the top and bottom down to 2 inch and into the rotator as well as the test antennas which   will be mounted on the top.  This saves many climbs during the testing cycle up and down the tower.

Note in this last picture the yellow safety markers on the guy system.   Next up will be mounting the first test antenna.