EWARG Systems

EWARG Systems


Our Lookout Point system 144.930 packet had its antenna changed recently. This was accomplished through the efforts of Rod KC7AAD our systems Tech.  There have been some recent significant changes put in place by KC7AAD.  More on this will be forthcoming.

Todd K7PKT who is the sysop of one of our BPQ32 nodes has moved to 144.93.   T

Current Systems:

SPO:K7PKT-2 on 144.930 as well as BPQ AXUDP. 

ARESDX:K7PKT 144.930

GEGLAN:WS7I-9  VHF (moves around)

7IDX:WS7I-1  VE7CC Cluster and Telnet to ws7i..ewarg.org 7300

SPOBBS:WS7I  Various


There are additional links from GEGLAN to other stations in EWA and WWA.

K7PKT (Spokane); W5KAV-1 (Rochester, WA); WA7V (Walla Walla); K7TJ-9 Lookout Point.

EWARG coordinated 440.125 at 9600 for use in interlinking systems in Spokane and the surrounding areas.  Our 440 radio's are currently operational thanks   to Karl AK2O's work we hope to get it linked in the near future.

Rod KC7AAD and Jay WS7I have been busy.  We have built up a BPQ32 box that will be installed directly on Lookout Point.  It will have 145.53, 440.125 the Spokane Interlink, as well as other capabilities.

Rod KC7AAD detailed his new system concepts at the June 2014 ARES meeting.

hamnet1.png (224180 bytes)


We also anticipate using IP and running a number of sites on IP directly over the Ham Network.  This will enable us to use VOIP to the remotes as well as a number of control advantages and postitive antenna and power control.

Our two remote sites currently are using a number of servers to acomplish their tasks.  It looks like a power amplifier may well be in the works for the HF remote system.


Last Update June 25, 2014