The BelchFire Quad was constructed and installed.

moving_guy_anchor.jpg (189975 bytes)    n2hs_ontower.jpg (146255 bytes)    bf_guying.jpg (178725 bytes)

6 Meter Dipole mounted on pole.  Completed messenger cable and tilt over detail to the test facility. Rotor detail.

Testing is started in early August on the 2 element Quad.


n2hs_tilt.jpg (186495 bytes)    tiltover_mast.jpg (171090 bytes)    tilt_33.jpg (148630 bytes)

tilt_66.jpg (218890 bytes)   

Test antenna (2-element Quad) mounted.  Next step was to resonant the thing.  We constructed a 1/4 matching cable of RG-11 and attempted to tune the driven element after removing the reflector.

This will continue next week.