Eastern Washington Amateur Radio Group

Northwest Division ARRL Elections

As EWARG and its members are primarily located within the ARRL's Northwest Division and we were formed for a number of reason's to include political action.  It is important that we take a look at the 2018 races for NW Division Director and Vice Director.


Bonnie Altus, AB7ZQ -- http://www.ewarg.org/who is bonnie.pdf

Horace Hamby, N7DRW --

Mike Ritz, W7VO  -- http://www.ewarg.org/ARRL Affiliated Club Letter.pdf


Delvin Bunton, NS7U

Daniel Stevens, KL7WM

Mark Tharp, KB7HDX -- http://www.ewarg.org/Mark J Tharp.pdf

We have received material from one each Director and one Vice Director at this point.   The good news is that the Director canidates may well be giving a Question and Answer session during the Washington State Convention in Spokane in late September.   After getting member input we will be endorsing a candiate for office.

On the Vice Director front we are prepared at this time to endorse Mark Tharp, KB7HDX, an EWARG member and our long-time Section Manager in Eastern WA for the office of Vice Director.  There is not a "politican" in the ARRL who listens like Mark does.  He is an operator that does everything from Digital Repeaters to chasing DX.  He has put his time in the trenchs in all parts of ham radio.  From running several ARRL programs to putting up digital systems from packet to DRM.   Mark is clearly the most qualified of the Vice Directors.

What EWARG desires are a Director and a Vice Director who listen to those that they represent and then make decisions, rather than, making a decision and then trying to drum up support for "their" idea.

As EWARG member Hal K7IRA and I found out long ago it only takes three (3) Directors to get something done at the ARRL, and thus was the ARRL RTTY Roundup created.  From Eastern Washington and then Director Rush Drake and two others the idea found acceptance and was put into action.




Last Update September 10, 2018