EWARG Club Station K7TJ    


Amateur Radio Station K7TJ


K7TJ Contest Results

The K7TJ QSL manager is Betsy WV7Y.  All cards should go direct to her.  The last operation of K7TJ was in September 2012 in the Washington State Salmon Run.   This operation was done by Lamar WA7LT and Jay WS7I.  They managed to place in First overall for the WA Club Stations.  Multi-operator Single Transmitter using all modes.  They were also first in Spokane County as well as notching a Clean Sweep of all Washington Counties.

This year K7TJ missed field day.

Members need to contact Jay WS7I who is the Trustee of the club license.


K7TJ Remote

The club remote station is just starting to gather material for construction.  We have begun receiving some material.  Still looking for a Windows 7 computer.  We have acquired a Mountain West Radio Rigblaster for the station.






Last Update December 27, 2013