For Sale by WS7I


Butternut CPK kit.                                                                                   $75

This is the Counter-Poise-Kit that has 2 long element like pieces with wires that clamp on the HF-6V or HF9V and allow you to use this piece instead of Radials. This kit costs $199 but can be obtained for the above price.

cpk_image.png (5932 bytes)



Hygain 25G Accessory (Rotor) shelf                                                     $25

                                                                                                                        25G_accesory.jpg (6238966 bytes)

Hygain 25G Guy Bracket (no torqe arms)                                                  $45  each 2 available

                                                                                                                        25g_guy_bkt.jpg (6238335 bytes)                                                                   

Rohn FR25G Flat roof Mount                                                                      $100

                                                                            Rohn-FR25G.6815-2.jpeg (33341 bytes)

Contact ws7i at arrl dot net

No shipping is available on any of the WS7I items.  Pickup at Puyallup or in Spokane


Last Update February 17, 2019