Eastern Washington Amateur Radio Group

EWARG News & Happenings

July 12, 2018 EWARG will be conducting a lunch meeting at 11:30 on the Second Thurday of the month.  Roundtable Pizza in the 5 mile shopping center.  It is on the west end facing Francis Ave.

EWARG member WA7LT is a Silent Key.  Lamar was a good friend and I had the pleasure of contesting with him on many occassions.  The 2012 Salmon Run saw EWARG station K7TJ take 1ST Place WA Club with a Clean Sweep with WA7LT and WS7I as the operators.

EWARG now is equipped to burn EPROM's thanks to long time member W7RY who sent along the programmer and WS7I who supplied the Eraser.

There is a digital repeater in Spokane for those of you who didn't know. The repeater is on 444.150(+), and is located on Lookout Point, in the Northwest corner of Spokane.

The repeater itself is a motorola XPR8300. It is connected via Wireless network between my QTH and the hilltop. This network connection is part of a Spokane HamWAN effort to help build and provide a Ham Radio Wireless Network system in spokane, and around Eastern Washington / northern Idaho. If you're interested in more information on this, please contact me directly.

If you have an interest in learning more about it the DMR system we are affiliated with, there is a plethora of information located at http://www.trbo.org, which is the PNW TRBO Group.

If you need further assistance is getting on the air with your DMR Radio, please let me know, and I can try and help to the best of my abilities. 

One of the best features is to be able to watch who is currently active on the system, by looking at http://www.trbo.org/cBridge/netwatch.html. Netwatch will show you current users, past users and their current connection statistics such as BER and RSSI. Very important!!

If you have not yet purchased a radio which is DMR capable yet... let me offer you my $.02.

A great introductory radio is the Tytera MD-380 (or 390 is the newest version). This radio is user friendly, but does differ from the normal "ham logic" way of having everything being keypad programmable. There are some features that are, but for the most part, you will program this unit with software and a programming cable.

Next I would recommend the Connect Systems CS-750. The CS-750 is a great radio with some mid-level commercial features, but also brings some of the amateur flavor to the user interface as well. I personally don't have any experience with this radio, but have heard great things about it!

Last, I would offer the Motorola line of radios as the most capable and feature rich device. These radios can be found across ebay, or possibly new from any of your friendly Motorola Dealers. Caution.. To program these radios will cost you your first born! The software itself is upwards of $200 and the programming cable is upwards of $100. (I have this software and programming cable, and would be happy to program your radio for you. Sorry.. I won't loan it out, though!!)

The radios themselves are very durable and sound and look great. 

If I were asked to rank them, I would buy the Tytera MD-380/390 first, then the CS-750, then a Motorola. 

Tytera - http://www.ebay.com/itm/TYT-Tytera-MD-380-UHF-Analog-Digital-DMR-Radio-USB-cable-Software-US-Seller-/291640635414?hash=item43e722f016:g:zKkAAOSwMNxXXsqo

CS-750 - http://www.connectsystems.com/products/top/radios%20CS750.htm

Motorola - http://www.ebay.com/itm/Motorola-MOTOTRBO-XPR-6550-UHF-Two-Way-Radio-/222244118605?hash=item33bec8204d:g:k3cAAOSwFdtX0gQr

Please let me know if you have any questions. I would be happy to help you get on the air as much as I am able to. 




Last Update May 5, 2018