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13 September is the next meeting at the RoundTable Pizza 11:00 to 1300 drop in and drop out.


EWARG has updated system pages and more will be forthcoming.  EWARG endorses one of our own for Northwest Division Vice Director.  Info also on the other canidates off the index page.

Spokane Hamfest Flyer is located from the index as well.

Couple of new faces and EWARG members at lunch today 8/8/18.  Mark (AB7MP) and Bob (W7RJR).  Mary AA5RT also joined us along with Chuck KA7ENA.

EWARG 5 GHz network has expanded to Fancher and Digital/Network guy Rod KC7AAD is busy aligning dishes and getting it to work.  This will support the DRE group in there efforts.

EWARG has a second Analog Repeater thanks to Chuck KA7ENA.  This is 145.37 - with a tone of 110.9.  It is located on Krell Hill on Tower Mountain in Spokane where it has been.

EWARG has a new Analog Repeater thanks to long time member Kirk K7EKM.  This is 147.16 + with a tone of  136.5.  It is located on the Spokane South Hill.

EWARG has new Digital Repeater K7TJ on Tower Mountain.  July 18, 2018.  This is our second UHF digital repeater. 444.125 + DMR.

Rod KC7AAD the Vice President of EWARG is also the Digital Technition. He handles DMR and networking for the group.  Frank WA7UOJ is the Analog Technition and does our "old style repeaters".  See Above.

EWARG now is equipped to burn EPROM's thanks to long time member W7RY who sent along the programmer and WS7I who supplied the Eraser.

There is a digital repeater in Spokane for those of you who didn't know. The repeater is on 444.150(+), and is located on Lookout Point, in the Northwest corner of Spokane. KC7AAD.


For Release:

EWARG has a new DMR Repeater on Krell! This refreshes our 30+ year old GE Mastr II on 444.125. This repeater covers a vast majority of Spokane City and Valley with great handheld coverage! You can see the estimated coverage of it <HERE>. Krell is also tied into the Lookout Point and Blossom Peak (South of the Post Falls ID area..) repeaters from an 'available talkgroups' perspective. Take a look at http://www.trbo.org/pnw/matrix-wa-e-id.html for an understanding of what Talkgroups are supported on each, and how they are supported on the overall system. 

EWARG is closely affiliated with PNW DMR. Not only do our two DMR repeaters live on the PNW DMR Network, but we also support HotSpot Servers and the Central Control System (Called cBridge), as well as several other monitoring and scripting systems to help keep an eye on things. This brings a total of 25 (and next month EWARG is also helping to install another VHF DMR Repeater at Krell!!) repeaters in Washington alone, to a single system in a collective effort. That is pretty amazing, if you ask me!

Also note worth, This repeater is also now linked through our Spokane HamWAN infrastructure!! The repeater was installed yesterday (Saturday 7/14) and the networking done today (7/15). Though the topology may change over time, the link is exceptional to Lookout Point! This now expands both our DMR coverage and our HamWAN presence to over 200% or what it was last week!! :) YAY!

As always.. If there are any questions, comments or concerns.. please let me know!


Rod Ekholm / KC7AAD


Last Update September 11, 2018