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Ewarg Projects

2011 Projects

Construct an Antenna Testing Range.  Construct three element Six Meter LFA Yagi and test.  BelchFire Six Meter Pictures can be found at:  LFA Yagi Construction These antennas were constructed from this design.

During the construction of the three BelchFire LFA's we solved a problem that we encountered. This solution is related in a NCJ Article by WS7I, published in the March/April issue 2012. belchfire/Townsend2.pdf

2012 Projects

2012 brought a couple of different project. We want to compare the 3 element LFA yagi to a 2 element quad and test is on the antenna range. The team wants to examine noise and its effect on the LFA, a standard 3 element yagi and the quad.

A permanent test tower will be build on the antenna range.  This will have a pole tilting mechanism to allow us to tilt the pole over with much less climbing than last year.  In addition a mast will be put up to hold the dipole that we use in testing.

For more details on the N2HS mount check out this page. N2HS Mount

Belchfire needed a permanent antenna tower so we started work on that project in June 2012. 

For more details on the new BelchFire tower check out this page. 2012 BelchFire Tower

We completed the BelchFire Tilt-over mast on the Belchfire Tower #1.BelchFire Tower with Tilt Mast

The Quad is now mounted on the tilt mast and the cables have been strung to the hanger.   Testing starts on August 13th on comparison of the 2-element quad to the 3-element BelchFire LFA.  BelchFire Quad and completed Tower

Testing and the 2012 projects were completed on Friday the 17th.  This wraps up the second season and most likely the Six Meter tests that we wanted to do.

Results of the Quad vs. Yagi will be put up here after we have compiled our data and thoughts.

2013 Projects

2013 Lynn,  and Jay put together the second remote.  This is a VHF only remote that is located in Lynn's hanger and located by the Belchfire tower.  The season was cut a bit short due to a number of factors.

2014 Projects

The Belchfire 6 meter antenna was lowered and a stack of 6, 144 mHz, and 440 mHz antennas was installed on the Belchfire tower which has been renamed to the N2HS Remote tower.  Problem was our lack of manpower caused a situation where the stack was too heavy and the mast was bent. That resulted in additional repair, but as usual the engineering was done and things were finished up.

N2HS remote was completed.

2016 Projects

Changing out the 900 Mhz digital link is this years project with the assistance of Rod, KC7AAD.  This is awaiting an antenna and has been in testing.  It will offer an upgrade to the old system and hopefully more reliability.

This has now been accomplished.  We are also working on the Lookout Point Repeater and sector antennas on the KC7AAD project.


Last Update June 20, 2016