Amateur Radio Station K7IRA

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Hal K7IRA (EX-WA7EGA) is a EWARG member of some note.  He was my contest buddy for many years and now has been put out to pasture so to speak.  He can be found many mornings on the upper end of 80 doing some CW practice with friends.   Unless he is out on the streams chasing trout.  RTTY contester, photographer, fisherman and my good friend.

Hal can be found on the upped end of 80 meters running SSB and involved with CW practice during months when fishing isn't any good.

He runs an Icom 7410 these days and uses his wires as well as the KLM KT-34 that I built for him many years ago and we used in our Multi-Single contesting.



Last Update June 5, 2014